Use of Phrase/Term “Toxic Assets” Banned

22 Mar


Any author caught using the term, sans clarification/serious explanation of the assets in question, what particular feature(s) make(s) them so “toxic” shall, whenever I’m alerted, be tarred, feathered, and – depending on the severity of the offense – drawn and quartered.

I am not fucking around, either.  Be forewarned.  I will hunt you down, I will eat your young (metaphorically speaking), and you will tell me what is so fucking toxic or may god have mercy on your ignorant, lazy, biased, lack of a soul.

Oh, and I’m back in the U.S; no bitternes what-so-ever (but seriously, any author, like this dude, Senator Jim Webb, caught using the phrase, be on high-alert.  Stone Street Advisors has the following, the implements, and most importantly, the desire to expose you as the hack you are.

Also you pandering fucking hack (Webb), while I appreciate the situation in which you find yourself (having to pander, or under the perception to do so), that article is so wraught with fucking bullshit were you my representative I would actually run against you, I shit you not, and I would, if nothing else, make you sound as economically fucking retarded as Barney Frank and Maxine Waters illicit love-child so help me god.

Cut the bullshit.  Seriously.  We, on Wall Street, exist to play this game better than you, better than anyone else.  That is our fucking job.  You want to chastise us for it?  Bring it.  You are a public “servant;” we serve our clients and shareholders.  If they have a problem with how we run our business, they take it up with us.  Oh, and remember, only 40% +/- of U.S citizens pay a dime in Federal taxes.  Oh, and those that did got paid well, for their “investment.”  Slow.your.roll.


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