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I Think I Quit, Yea, I Quit

30 Aug

After a handful or so of years in a job I didn’t particularly enjoy (to say the least), I’ve resigned from my job at a large financial services firm to take some time off and go get my Masters here in NYC.  I met and worked with some great people (and unfortunately, some not so great) and found the time (which I seldom had in my previous job) to start writing frequently for 1-2 Knockout, here, The Atlantic, Seeking Alpha, Business Insider, and maintain a pretty active twitter feed.

Going forward, hopefully I’ll be posting more often, however, I’ll likely be posting my more heavily-researched/longer-form work under my real name, elsewhere.

I’m in the process of bringing more smart financial professionals onto the Stone Street Advisors team, so expect good things to come.  If you’re interested in it, and promise to write more frequently than @comfortably_smug, shoot me an email and we’ll talk it out.  I’m a pretty flexible “boss” and everyone who writes here as 99% autonomy to post whatever/whenever they want.

If you’re interested in following me/reading the stuff I post under my real name, shoot me and email and I’ll consider sharing that information with you.


Riddle Me This, Batman…

26 Aug

Why the hell does it cost 3x to make a phone call to a U.K. landline than it does to one in India?!?!


Late Market Observations, Asian Edition

22 Aug

Apparently I didn’t miss much on Friday, opting to soak in the last remaining days of summer in Chicago with all of the trappings that go along with it. It’s highly refreshing to totally disconnect and focus on the things that makes one happy on the inside.

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Closing Notes – August 19

19 Aug

The unexpected jump in weekly unemployment claims this morning came as a bit of a surprise to me, I didn’t expect a +13k jump. For those who have been following me as I’ve opined on Stone Street, i’ve been bearish throughout most of the year. Continue reading

Closing Notes – August 18

18 Aug

Today was yet another quiet day in US Treasuries, with buyers coming back for more action in all tenors except for the midcurve (5/7). Even volatile swap spreads have calmed down over the past day or so as people digest the Fed’s latest move and look to the future.

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A Follow Up To Last Night

18 Aug

Thanks to some comments from Professor Pinch which got my gears turning this morning, I present to you a breakdown of the standard deviation moves for each of the yield curve spreads and the individual underlying tenors.

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Closing Notes – Aug 17, 2010

17 Aug

Today was, relatively speaking, quiet on most fronts. Spreads have calmed down from the recent spike in volatility, but there still remains some elevated action in some of the underlyings

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