Sushi Economics

6 Nov

Yesterday I noticed BankrChick‘s request for a sushi ETF and it being a slow Friday afternoon I decided to indulge my affinity for finding odd securities on the terminal. Sadly no futures seem to be listed for any of the usual sushi proteins, which means there’s clearly a ways to go before establishing a fund.  For some rudimentary look at the food’s underlying economics the BoJ does make available Japanese tuna trade numbers.  So without further ado Japanese tuna exports (white) bluefin imports and yellowfin imports for the past 2 years, TUNAEQTL TUNAIQKU TUNAIQKI  respectively if you’re looking for ‘em.

If one was to use the traditional model a la BGI ishares or SSgA SPDRs we’d need a large buy side already holding an interest in the underlying.   Maybe it would be worth talking to noted sushi enthusiast Greg Lippmann and the team at Libre Max to see if they might be game.


One Response to “Sushi Economics”

  1. Anal_yst November 10, 2010 at 4:22 pm #

    Tuna trade seems damn volatilie, curious to see some explanation for those sharp peaks. Also, Lipman would 100% get behind this.

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