Our First Happy New Year!

31 Dec

It’s been an, um, interesting 2010: unemployment still a major problem despite raging equity markets, twitter going “mainstream” (kind of), Dodd-Frank, wikileaks (aka delusions of gradeur of Albino creepsters), PIIGS crises,  and so many other things that I’m too lazy to list now.  After starting in February, we’ve received somewhere around 40,000 views this year, with our most popular month getting 6,000, our best day ~1,500 when we jumped all over Gretchen Morgenson for mixing up CDS and FX Swaps and the NYT for having an internal wikipedia-like library that’s about as authoritative as Gretch.

We appreciate all the views, comments, and feedback we’ve gotten hear and on Twitter, and hope to receive even more in 2011.  I’d like to throw some big shoutouts to everyone at Business Insider, Minyanville, FT Alphaville/Tilt, Stocktwits, and probably a handful of others I’m forgetting who’ve supported and dealt patiently with us this year.  We sincerely appreciate you and your extremely patient ways!

Going forward, we’ll be transitioning from wordpress.com to wordpress.org and redesigning the website (eta: early February for our 1-year anniversary), bringing on even more business/finance/etc pros, and expanding our coverage and reach to new markets/asset classes/industries/etc.  If you’re interested, shoot us an email stonestreetadvisors (at) gmail (dot) com.

From all of us at Stone Street Advisors, a Happy New Year to you & Yours!


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