Giving Financial Media a Second Chance: Nevermind (UPDATED)

13 Jan

A few short days ago I wrote about how I want to give the financial media a second chance.  Today, I’m seriously having second thoughts.  It’s 2011!!  This is not freaking rocket science. Ugh.

Today, SIGTARP released an audit report on the bailout of Citigroup.  The stalwarts of the 4th estate were all over the news, but alas, few, if any, linked to the SIGTARP website or the report itself.  Here is the report(pdf).  Here is the official SIGTARP website where you can find that and other audit reports.

I don’t want to read a summary a reporter had to throw together to meet a ridiculous deadline and/or some editors dumbed-down copy.  For laypeople, that may be fine, but for anyone who actually cares, it’s not nearly good enough.  You don’t have to write an opus, just link to the freaking source document.  How hard is that????

So hard, apparently, that none of the following “authorities’ on financial news could be bothered to make the effort:

  • Reuters
  • Wall Street Journal (has hyperlink to report hosted on, only gets partial credit)
  • Fortune/CNN Money
  • Bloomberg (shame on you!)
  • New York Times (can’t even find any mention of the report, wtf?)
  • Huffington Post (UPDATE: HuffPo’s Ryan McCarthy alerts us that they added the document to the bottom of their article shortly after they originally published it.  Kudos to them for not only getting the source doc up in full but for being tied-into social media like twitter, where Ryan saw this post and responded quickly)

Strong recommendation to all of these outlets: start from scratch as blogs, and learn the best practices thereof.  The web is not print, and you should not be writing on the web as if it were.  Use hyperlinks, not just to internal pages but to external ones as well, ESPECIALLY source documents.  Get with the freaking program already or continue the long, slow death spiral your industry has been on for the past decade+.  Your call.


4 Responses to “Giving Financial Media a Second Chance: Nevermind (UPDATED)”

  1. sellputs January 13, 2011 at 6:40 pm #

    keep up the good work..

  2. rob January 13, 2011 at 8:03 pm #

    What is Stone Street Advisors?


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