Auction Results 2/23

23 Feb

Today’s 5Y auction was pretty “ugly”, here’s the stats:

2011-01-26 2011-02-23
HighYield 2.04 2.19
HighPrice 99.81 99.69
IndirBidPercent 44.95 34.17
BidToCover 2.97 2.69
Coupon 2.00 2.12

The bond auction worksheet has been updated to reflect today’s auctions (bills and 5Y) along with the associated charts.

For a quick glance, here’s the chart of the 5Y auctions (Indirect Bidders and Bid To Cover) from 2008-today.



One Response to “Auction Results 2/23”

  1. Kpillow23 February 23, 2011 at 3:25 pm #

    Does this mean that no one loves the dollar any more?

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