Obama Is Lying To Us Right Before Our Eyes (Again)!

13 Apr

Obama just claimed in his speech at GW University that “tax cuts” somehow “cost” us $500 billion/year for the next decade.  I’m not sure how a lack of revenue can somehow be semantically transformed into an expense (cost), but putting logic, reason, facts, and basic accounting aside for a second, I’d just like to peel-back some of Obama’s baseless rhetoric and look at some cursory facts I was able to confirm in literally under 2 minutes.

In this same speech, Barry discussed how we need to return to the fiscal discipline of the 1990’s, you know, when we ran a balanced if not surplus budget.  Last I checked we’ve spent the past ~10 years involved in at least two wars (or “wars” depending on your definition), whereas in the 1990s, once we left the Gulf after Desert Storm, we really didn’t have any major large-scale war efforts (I don’t think Bosnia or Kosovo compare to our current wars by any financial metric).

So, two these two Obama-isms, I present the following easily-obtainable data and chart:

Clearly, around the turn of the century, our Defense budget was around $350 million/year.  By 2010, that had more than doubled to $800 million/year, no thanks to the ongoing and of questionably sane military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.  At this rate, our 2012 Defense budget is going to be ~3 times what it was in 2000!

And Obama is blaming our current budget deficit on tax cuts?


**This is not intended to be an in-depth examination of Government spending, but simply instructive as to the sort of bogus rhetoric our Government feeds us every day.  Such rhetoric is rife with cognitive bias (quite intentionally), in this case, among others, seriously framing error.


One Response to “Obama Is Lying To Us Right Before Our Eyes (Again)!”

  1. Ted April 16, 2011 at 9:58 am #

    Can’t people realise that Obama is a master of PR and not a very good president at all?

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