30Y Auction Results

14 Apr

Initial reactions to the 30Y auction have been positive in terms of price, the ramp down this morning pushing yields higher hasn’t really affected the yield that Treasury was able to pull this reopening too adversely.

30Y Auction (reopening): Yield: 4.531 vs. 4.569, Indirects: 47.20 vs. 40.66, BTC 2.83 vs. 3.02, Coupon 4.75 (unch.)

Updated calendar/stats sheet is here [Google Docs]. No more auctions for the remainder of this week. Next week we have 13/26 week bills on 4/18, 4 week bill on 4/19 and a new 5Y TIPS issue on 4/21. Have a nice weekend.


One Response to “30Y Auction Results”

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