TV v. Internet Ad Spending, 2000-Present

17 Apr

Apparently this week’s topic du jour is internet advertising and valuation.  Keeping the theme alive, here’s a chart from Ad Age showing trends in ad spending over the past decade (h/t @hkanji):

I’m glad to see internet advertising is making such impressive progress, as the medium by its very nature has many advantages over TV advertising.  Unfortunately, as we discussed earlier in the week, current practice doesn’t come anywhere close to capitalizing on these many advantages, and won’t until there’s some catalyst or shock that encourages VC firms to change their valuation methodologies or Ad Agencies to transition their clients from a pageview-centric view to a more holistic one.  I suppose there are other ways there could be a massive shake-up in the advertising/web-publishing game, but I don’t see much if any incentive for the incumbent players to challenge the status-quo, unless of course one of the big boys decides to throw everyone else for a loop and take a leadership role.


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