5Y TIPS and April Issuance

21 Apr

Today’s 5Y TIPS results and updated April issuance calendar

Yield: -0.18 vs. -0.55 (2010-10-25, prev), Indirect Bidders: 39.46 vs. 39.37, BTC: 2.57 vs. 2.84, Coupon: 0.125 vs. 0.50

Added 4 week bill (4/25)

Next week is going to be quite a doozy in terms of issuance. The calendar is updated with all auctions including today’s TIPS auction.

Here’s a short breakdown of the issuance:

4/25: 13 & 26 Week Bill,  29 & 27bn respectively

4/26: 2Y Note, 35Bn (CUSIP: 912828QE3)**, 4Wk Bill, 30Bn (9127952S9)

4/27: 5Y Note, 35Bn (CUSIP: 912828QF0)

4/28: 7Y Note, 29Bn (CUSIP: 912828QG8)

Total Issuance: 185Bn. Without bills: 99Bn (Reference: TreasuryDirect announcements 9AM 4/21/11)

**QE3 CUSIP, love the pun. (Bad joke)

(4/25 – yes, I admit it was a pretty corny joke.)

Happy Easter/Holidays and enjoy the weekend.


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