A Little RIMM Sanity

4 May

I am the only person in my immediate family with a Blackberry.  In fact, I’m the only person in my immediate family who does not have an iPhone.  Yes, even my mom has one (although why, I have no idea).  Many of my friends have switched to iPhones and Android devices, yet I still love my blackberry, now, more than ever after installing the newest Blackberry v6 software.  Why, you ask, do I cling to a device my progressive friends and family “know” to be so inferior?

Because it works.

It does everything I need, well.

I can type without suffering the consequences of auto-correct, with one hand even, without looking.

I get all my email, I can browse the web relatively quickly even.

I can play games if I so desire.

I can take good-enough pictures and videos, and watch them.

I can use Blackberry Messenger – by FAR the best mobile messaging application on ANY platform – with about 40 of my closest friends.

What else do I need? An app for every website I’ve visited in the past year?  Please, GMAFB!  Why do I need a stand-alone app for something I seldom use?  I don’t have stand-alone apps on my desktop or even bookmarks in my browser for fandango or movie phone, opentable or netflix.  When I need to find a movie or a restaurant, I just go type it into my browser, and guess what? IT WORKS FINE!

I have an iPod touch that I use to listen to music and, maybe a few times/year, watch movies.  Call me crazy, but I don’t find watching blockbuster movies on a 4″ screen very enjoyable, and I’m really not sure why or how anyone could, but to each his own, I suppose.  I could use my blackberry to listen to music, too, but I like having separate devices, less of an issue with single-point-of-failure that way (whether by theft, malfunction, etc).

I simply don’t see any reason to switch to a touchscreen phone; I don’t need nor want the super-duper-whoopy multimedia “functionality,” and I absolutely despise typing on a touchscreen (like on my iPod Touch, ugh!).  The form factor alone is no reason to switch, either, as most of these devices are larger than my blackberry.  They’re also substantially more expensive. Sure, there are a bunch of nifty features, like a very good mapping/stat-gathering program for runs/bike-rides for the iPhone, but guess what: I can get it on my Blackberry, too!  It may not be as pretty, but I really don’t care about pretty; I care about functional.

I’d be lying if I didn’t look at many people with iPhones and Droid devices as suckers who paid for alot more phone than they’ll ever possibly use, let alone need.  Good for you, you have the “cool” phone.  If that gets your ego going, congratulations.  If you value functionality over form, do yourself a favor and don’t be so quick to trash Research In Motion and their Blackberry devices.


3 Responses to “A Little RIMM Sanity”

  1. Techinsidr May 4, 2011 at 1:40 pm #

    RIMM is getting punished because they have not innovated as fast as their rivals. They have a decent product, but they have not kept up with players like Apple (iOS) and Google (Android).

    Wall Street hates complacancy and I believe RIMM is one of the most complacent tech companies out there. Their management? Don’t even get me started.

    • The Analyst May 4, 2011 at 4:20 pm #

      I agree they have not innovated when your benchmark for innovation is large(r)-format touchscreens, largely unnecessary and vastly under-used multi-media capabilities, and a million and one apps that clog-up the desktop (palm-top?) only to be used a few times per year.

      One way or another though, blackberry is not “cool,” at the moment, and I have absolutely no idea how the company is going to fix that.

  2. bond wimp May 4, 2011 at 3:10 pm #


    (kidding) 🙂

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