Next Week’s Bond Issuance: 72 Billion

4 May

[Updated 5/5 with new Bill issuance announcement]

This morning Treasury announced the CUSIPs and the offering amounts for next weeks 3/10/30 auction, a bunch of the issuance will happen in the short end and taper off into the 30’s. While a lot can (and probably will) change in the next week, the 3 year auction could possibly be weaker, with people preferring to get their hands on the new shiny 10 years and to some extent the 30’s.

Here’s the breakdown:

5/10: 3 Year, CUSIP 912828QM5, 32Bn

5/11: 10 Year, CUSIP 912828QN3, 24Bn

5/12: 30 Year, CUSIP 912828QQ4, 16Bn

This issuance amount does not include bill auctions for next week (tentatively scheduled).

Tentative Bill Schedule


13 Week Bill, 29Bn (9127953D1)

26 Week Bill, 27Bn (9127953T6)


4 Week Bill – TBA

Bond Auction Statistics and Calendar (Updated) [GDocs]


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