Bond Auction Results, Updated Issuance 5.23-5-26

19 May

Apologies for not bring able to bring you the auction results in near “real time”, I’ve been away from the lab for much of the week in various meetings. To get you caught up:

Today’s 10Y TIPS auction saw relatively good demand from indirects versus the last time while the overall amount of demand was slightly lower than last time.

10Y TIPS: Yield 0.887 vs. 0.920 (prev. 3/24), Indirect: 40.67 vs. 25.20, BTC 2.66 vs. 2.97, Coupon: 1.125 unch

Yesterday’s 56D cash management bill auction: Yield 0.02, Indirect: 10.48, BTC 6.85, Coupon 0.02

Next Week

Tentative issuance total: 150 billion*

  • 51 billion in 13 & 26 week bills (* = 4 week issuance amount TBA)
  • 70 billion in 2 and 5Y notes (35bn each)
  • 29 billion in 7Y notes

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