10Y Auction Results/Stats

8 Jun

Today’s 10y auction went relatively well, first here are the stats:

Yield: 2.967 vs. 3.21 prev (5/11), Indirect Bidders: 50.64 vs. 47.18, Bid To Cover: 3.23 vs. 3.00, Coupon: 3.125 unch.

Versus the last 10 averages, yield was below at 3.11, Indirects slightly below at 51.05 while the bid to cover was above at 3.094. The last 10Y auction was the original auction of this particular note (912828QN3).

Today’s 15bn 6 DAY Cash Management Bill: Yield: 0.04, Indirects: 4.51, Bid To Cover: 5.51, Coupon: 0.041

Updated Auction Results/Stats/Chartbook [GDocs]


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