30 Year Auction Results

9 Jun

Today’s 30Y reopening results are out:

Yield: 4.238 vs. 4.38 prev (5/12), Indirects: 38.39 vs. 33.03, Bid To Cover: 2.63 vs. 2.43, Coupon: 4.375 (unch)

The auction’s yield had a nearly 4bps tail (we were trading around 4.20 prior to the auction), however here’s some good embedded here: yield was lower than the last 10 avg. of 4.31, Indirects higher than the original issue but slightly off from the last 10 avg. of 40.41, bid to cover was stronger for the reopening and a couple bps short of the last 10 average of 2.65.

Next week will be relatively quiet on the issuance front, with 51 billion in notes (tentative) auctioned off. 4 week bill amount to be determined (My guesstimate around 20-25 billion). Details are on the calendar.

Updated: Historical Auction Results/Stats, Calendar [GDocs]


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