Stone Street Advisors Logo Design Contest

6 Jul


As I said a few months ago, 2011 is going to be a big year for Stone Street Advisors.  As we’ve gotten more and more legit, its become obvious that we need a bit of help with the site from a branding and design standpoint.  Today, we’re announcing a contest for all of you aspiring graphic designers out there to have your work featured on these hallowed pages.  If you’ve read our work, you know more about us than we can describe here, so we think you’re best positioned to come up with a great design!

What we’re looking for:

Clean, concise, simple.  Preferably conservative, but not necessarily.  I picked the name of this site because Stone Street is (by all accounts I’ve read) the oldest paved street in the U.S.  The street and the buildings along it have endured both throughout and despite passing trends and manias, epitomizing our approach here at Stone Street Advisors.  You can read more about that on our About page.  We are looking for a logo that represents these ideals.  We are open to color scheme and design, so long as it meets our requirements.


As we are committed to keeping this site free of advertisements, maintaining this site is break-even, at best.  So, while we can’t write you a massive (in $ or physical size) check, if the winning designer is located in/around the New York/Northern New Jersey area, you get to meet part of the team, and drinks one night are on us.  If elsewhere, we’ll figure something else out of similar value.  In addition, you and your work will be the focus of a post on our website, which gets visitors from around the world and from virtually every major financial firm.  Exposure is good, eh?  If you’d like to submit a design but want a different deal, we will consider it on a case-by-case basis, but we can’t pay any significant amount of money, so keep that in mind please.

There is also a strong to very strong possibility that we will work with the winning designer on other projects (website (re-)design), business cards, letterhead, marketing materials, etc).

Deadline: Wednesday, July 20th, two weeks from today.

Submissions and questions: theanalyst (at) stonestreetadvisors (dot) com


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  1. Hmm aah July 6, 2011 at 12:49 pm #

    Hmmmm aaah! what do I say

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