Content Sharing & Syndication

As business and publishing models shift, we similarly must evaluate and modify our policies towards content sharing accordingly.  Previously, we’ve allowed certain other outlets to pull our content via our RSS feed (etc), and have manually submitted our posts to others.  Today, 4/12/2011, all of our content sharing activities will cease, effective immediately.

No longer can we support others making money from our hard work.  Content farms and other larger outlets claim that by re-posting our material on their site, we get increased exposure and more pageviews on our website.  We cannot speak for other website/content owners, but in our experience, this is almost entirely untrue.  The highest conversion rate (syndicated pageviews/views on our site) we’ve experienced is ~10%, with the average being much, much lower.

We also cannot support the current business model of web media, as it becomes more and more focused on page-views and other metrics, and less and less on the quality of the content.  We have zero interest in our content being posted next to sensationalist headlines, unnecessary slideshows, and other fluff designed solely to increase web metrics.  We firmly believe that content is king, not “aggregation,” which more often than not amounts to ripping-off the creators of said content with lofty promises of non-monetary reward that seldom materialize.

We are not opposed to having our content hosted elsewhere under the right conditions.  If you are interested in running any of our content on your website (etc), please contact us: contentsharing (at) stonestreetadvisors (dot) com.

Thank you.


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