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Site Housekeeping: If You’re Reading This, Keep Reading

16 Aug

We’ve recently switched from to a hosted solution.  If you subscribe to our posts via RSS feed, email, etc, there is a non-zero chance you’ve missed this (or thought we just gave up on posting altogether).  If you go to you’ll be able to see all of our recent posts (for now).  If you subscribe to the RSS feed there, you’ll likely have to do so again as we have one more website transition which should happen in the next week or two.

We apologize for the confusion.  If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email.



Stone Street Advisors Weekend Housekeeping – Website Changes

30 Jul

Our resident tech pro Bond Wimp is helping me (aka doing 98% of the work) upgrade the Stone Street Advisors website this weekend.  We’re trying to make it as seamless as possible, but don’t be surprised if things get a little screwy over the next few days.

Thanks for your patience!

KPMG on Luxury Market in China (2010)

30 Jul

This is the most recent version of an older version of this report I read recently.  Implications are huge here for many firms, think Tiffany, Coach, LVMH, Ralph Lauren, and the list goes on and on.  Worth a read for anyone who covers luxury retail names and wants to know whats really going on in China.


Scribd sucks (as I’ve said since it started), so I’m just uploading the pdf directly here. Sorry for the confusion


The Best Laid Plans of Mice & Men: YOKU Summary Thesis Update

28 Jul

A friend sent me an email about YOKU because he’d read my previous work, and I set out to respond quickly and concisely.  However long and about 1,200 words later, I realized I’d inadvertently (basically) summarized my outlook on YOKU in a kind of stream-of-consciousness style.  With the caveat that this is neither my full nor formal analysis, I’ve decided to publish my response to that email for those of you interested in my take on YOKU.

With all that being said, here goes:

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Bipartisan Policy Center’s Debt Limit Analysis

24 Jul

This may be the best report I’ve read on the Debt Ceiling impasse so far (FD: I haven’t read many in full, sorry).  This report as, among the ones I have looked at, the benefit of being fairly easy to read/comprehend, with as little legalese/technical jargon as possible.

I almost always suggest getting your information not from the media, but from going directly to the source.  This time is no exception.

Take for example these two slides about what could potentially happen far more clearly than anything I’ve read:

This is some serious, serious stuff.


**UPDATE: Thanks to the BPC, I’ve updated the link for the report, below, should work fine now**

Read the full pdf report here


h/t @dafowc

**Caveat: I do not advocate or endorse this analysis or the accuracy thereof.  I’m presenting it for informational purposes only.