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NY Fed Primary Dealers Report – July 28, 2011

29 Jul

This is the latest NY Fed Primary Dealers report covering dealer position activity as of 7/20/2011.

Overall Dealer UST positions decreased vs. the previous week by 2.31bn to -29.049bn. Maturities less than 3 years decreased by 9.398bn to 12.983bn; maturities 6-11 years increased by 1.579bn to -18.167bn, while maturities greater than 11 years increased by 1.574bn to 4.287bn. TIPS: Total TIPS positions decreased by 541mn to -619mn. Dealer Corporate positions totals decreased by 1.972bn to 100.467bn. Maturities less than 1 year decreased by 1.737bn to 22.486bn while maturities greater than 1y decreased by 235mn to 77.981bn. Dealer MBS positions decreased by 3.741bn to 82.528bn. Continue reading


7 Year Auction Results

28 Jul

Results of today’s 7 year auction:

Yield Price Indirect % Bid To Cover Coupon
June 29 2.43 99.65 32.17 2.62 2.38
July 28 2.28 99.81 39.55 2.63 2.25

Updated August issuance calendar which will (??) change after August 2nd.

US Bond Auction Calendar, Statistics and Charts [GDocs]

And one more chart you don’t want to miss, from our colleague Dutch Book

7/27 Auction Results

27 Jul

Today’s 5 day CMB and 5 Year auction results are out. The full auction calendar for August will be updated tomorrow, but please note that it (probably) will change. By how much is anybody’s guess.

5 Day CMB

Yield Price Indirect % Bid To Cover Coupon
July 27 0 100 0 4.58 0

5 Year Note

Yield Price Indirect % Bid To Cover Coupon
Jun 28 1.61 99.45 37.62 2.59 1.50
July 27 1.58 99.62 36.59 2.62 1.50

Updated Auction Calendar, Statistics, Chartbook [GDocs]

7/26 Auction Results (All)

26 Jul

Today’s Auction Results:

4 Week

Yield Price Indirect % Bid To Cover Coupon
Jul 19 0.01 100.00 47.86 4.49 0.01
Jul 26 0.06 100.00 54.18 5.30 0.06

1 Year (52 Week)

Yield Price Indirect % Bid To Cover Coupon
Jun 28 0.20 99.80 27.39 4.15 0.20
Jul 26 0.20 99.80 29.82 4.63 0.20

2 Year

Yield Price Indirect % Bid To Cover Coupon
Jun 27 0.40 99.96 22.00 3.08 0.38
Jul 26 0.42 99.92 27.67 3.14 0.38

Updated Auction Calendar, Stats, Charts Document [GDocs]

13 & 26 Week Auction Results, Updated Issuance Calendar

25 Jul

Today’s 13 and 26 week auction results are out with higher yields and higher participation compared to the previous auction. Today’s auction announcements include the scheduled 4 week bill and a 5 Day CMB maturing on 8/2/2011. Continue reading

Bipartisan Policy Center’s Debt Limit Analysis

24 Jul

This may be the best report I’ve read on the Debt Ceiling impasse so far (FD: I haven’t read many in full, sorry).  This report as, among the ones I have looked at, the benefit of being fairly easy to read/comprehend, with as little legalese/technical jargon as possible.

I almost always suggest getting your information not from the media, but from going directly to the source.  This time is no exception.

Take for example these two slides about what could potentially happen far more clearly than anything I’ve read:

This is some serious, serious stuff.


**UPDATE: Thanks to the BPC, I’ve updated the link for the report, below, should work fine now**

Read the full pdf report here


h/t @dafowc

**Caveat: I do not advocate or endorse this analysis or the accuracy thereof.  I’m presenting it for informational purposes only.

10Y TIPS Results, Updated Issuance

21 Jul

Today’s 10Y TIPS auction results are out along with next week’s auction amounts. Next week expect to see 71bn in bills** and 99bn in notes across the 2/5/7 tenors.

Yield Price Indirect % Bid To Cover Coupon
2011-05-19 0.89 104.36 40.67 2.66 1.12
2011-07-21 0.64 100.08 41.65 2.62 0.62

Updated US Bond Auction Calendar, Historical Stats and Charts [GDocs]

**4 week bill amount TBD, SSA estimate 25-30bn