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Best Read of the Weekend: Founders Fund: What Happened to the Future?

24 Jul

Venture Capital firm Founders Fund, started by Peter Thiel (PayPal founder, 1st outside investor in Facebook) has a new report on their website “What Happened to the Future” that you absolutely must read if you care about technology.

That’s it.  Stop wasting time, go read it and look at the charts. GO!



Interview With The Man, The Legend, Technology Banker Frank Quattrone

23 Jul

via CNBC senior stocks commentator Herb Greenberg, I strongly implore anyone interested in technology, web 2.0, cloud, mobility, social media, etc to watch this.  Remember, this is the man who did THE deals of tech 1.0, and he’s increasingly doing THE deals of tech 2.0.  You should hang on his every word.  The interview is approx 30 minutes, and I recommend you watch every last second..

Here’s the link because wordpress sucks and won’t let me embed the video.

Mary Schaprio: Computers? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Computers!

25 Feb

All I’m saying is that if I ran the SEC, my desk would look nothing like that of current SEC Chairwoman Mary Shapiro (pic via dealbreaker).

NO COMPUTER?!  No dual + monitor setup with streaming level III quotes, Bloomberg, etc?   Sure, Mary’s a bureaucrat and all, but WHAT THE HELL?!  Fellow Finance professionals, tell me, if you were at the helm of the SEC your desk wouldn’t look something like Adam Sender’s:

Hell, if I ran the SEC my office would look like the freaking Nasdaq market site!

Sure, the SEC has plenty more to worry about than high-tech global trading markets (not to mention there’s allegedly a division to handle such things), but hell, I had more computing power and information access on my desktop in the mid 1990’s, 18.8 baud modem and all!